kyoto hostel/TOMATO hostel

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Group booking

Customers are using more than 5 rooms, regardless of the number of people.

●We need over two nights staying. in busy period.

●One room is 10,000 yen, regardless of room type and number of person
maximum is 25 people.

●We need deposit (Half of price) for booking 
Please transfer to bank account or paypal system within one week.

If we can not confirm the payment the booking will be canceled.
Please pay the balance within 11 days prior to stay.

Bank account 

京都中央信用金庫      東五条支店
普通口座0645605    株式会社アイズ

●The cancellation policy will change.

11 days before Free 
10 days befor 50% of the total fee
5 days befor 100% of the total fee